Can antibiotics cure all diseases? First, find out the origin is bacteria or virus.

Do you know that antibiotics are antibacterial drugs made from molds?

Nowadays, with the advance in medical technology. It may hardly imagine that in the era without antibiotics. Many diseases can’t be treated when it happens, sometime just because of bacterial infection in a small wound can kill a person, such as syphilis, pulmonary Tuberculosis, and scarlet fever. But now they can be cured by using antibiotic directly or indirectly.

The antibiotic is still using widely in medical application for many years and playing an important role in the treatment of diseases. Mainly used to treat the special bacteria infections, and some of them can also have antineoplastic activity. The general used antibiotics include: penicillin, cephalosporin, tetracycline, aminoglycosides, quinolone…about more than ten. Moreover, the doctor will judge the antibiotics suitable for different diseases based on the clinical results.

The antibiotic is not panacea.

Once, the invention of antibiotic makes people ego inflation and overuse it, also believe that infectious diseases could be completely eliminated from then on. Later, they found out the result of always using antibiotics can’t eliminate the infectious microorganisms, but even makes the microorganisms resistance of drugs. And those infected people will be more difficult to treat.

In fact, the microorganism will change or evolution to maintain a balance under natural environment. A course of treatment can eliminate those bacteria without resistance, but some of them have resistance (such as, super bacteria) or some survive luckily. And survival bacteria may change by any reason to strange their gene to against the antibiotic, therefore, it makes people get sick again. People has to research much newer and stranger antibiotic to against the bacteria with resistance of drugs. So now, it focuses on how to delay the production of drug-resistant variants and carefully enforce the use of antibiotics, which can reduce the chance of bacteria being exposed to new antibiotics, and achieve a balance between antibiotics and bacteria.

The disadvantage of antibiotic.

When it comes to the properties and efficacy of antibiotics, it is certainly to mention its side effect. In addition to the drug resistance mentioned above, some people concern about allergic reactions and toxic reactions. Not necessary to worry about allergic because skin sensitivity tests will be performed before medication. Also, it will only be use when there’s no any adverse reactions in patients, and the proportion of allergies is a minority. In terms of toxicity, antibiotics are inherently toxic, and it supposes not to overuse. Otherwise, it’s possible to cause various physical symptoms or irreversible damage.

It’s also worth to notice that because antibiotics cannot distinguish between “good” bacteria and “bad”, they all will be eliminated. If the growing babies use it, it may weaken the self-healing ability and result in getting sick easily in the future. Therefore, using on children should be discuss with doctor to confirm whether it is necessary to use medicine to kill the pathogen, and prescribe the medicine to children.

About how to use antibiotic, the only thing is you have to follow the prescription and the doctor’s careful observation and administration.

When to use antibiotic? And how?

Last to remind, it has to take some time to eliminate the bacteria by using antibiotic treatment. That’s why doctor always instruct that you must to completely the order to get correct therapy.

For those viral infection type disease, you can’t cure or relieve the symptoms by using antibiotic, such as flu or enterovirus. Therefore, try not to make a judgement to use antibiotic to treat colds. Just follow the prescription correctly from doctor and use them in right way to make the heal quickly.


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