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Glocalization-Faster and Closer to Clients

To instantly response to our client globally, YCM keeps expanding oversea operating locations.   At present, we have offices in HCMC, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shang Hai and Dong Guan, China. Even UK, on the other side of Earth. Feel free to contact us at nearest location whenever we can help.   Please see Contact page […]

Invisible problems? Let YCM be your judge!

Have you ever thought the reasons making your employees tired and sick might come from the moldy structures ignored by many people? Regardless of the expensive raw materials or staff healthiness, it would lead to severe outcomes if there are not appropriate control of mold. For several years, YCM has assisted more than 1,000 factories […]

Another chance for overhauling your facotry

With US-China trade war becoming intense, several manufacturing enterprises plan to move their factories to other countries instead of becoming victims of the trade war. However, to have a complete plan of building a new factory, you need to clearly understand the local environments and climates. With experience of evaluating thousands of factories, YCM could […]

Mold can also affect human’s health !

According to the latest research by CDC, Candida, a kind of emerging pathogens, is highly drug-resistant and is hard to be cured. Due to the limited understanding of Candida, people would only be alert to it. Based on research by YCM Lab, Candida usually harmful to human. Please feel free to contact YCM if there […]