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Why do factories need periodical education?

Most factories had taken whole environment, production, preservation or shipping. into consideration in the early stages of construction. But as time goes by, the original procedure and proper management may gradually lose due to stuff turnover.   YCM establishes regular and complete mold prevention education and training systems for factories. Factories’ stuffs can quickly gain […]

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Being sustainable smartly with YCM

Online and digital services are creating smarter supply chains. Besides the quality and efficiency of production, this also improves the management efficiency of factory’s environment.   Improving our service with latest technology checking and advising brands’ suppliers. We hope to help brands create not only smarter but more sustainable supply chains.   Information Sharing:Digitalizing to […]


You deserve better mold prevention solutions

Chemical anti-mold spray is water-based agent. Using sprays increases material’s moisture content and the risk of mold. Mold will still grow on the parts that aren’t covered by spray.   Molds and bacteria may exist in water and incorrect ratios may reduce spray’s efficacy. Moreover, volatilization of the chemical spray will affect its performance. Volatilization […]


We are executors of factory’s improving projects

What can factory expect from YCM’s improving project? Tailor-made for the best equipment planning, minimize waste of resources and make best use of resources as effective investment!   YCM has always been committed to promoting importing mold prevention mechanism into a factory. Deliver mold prevention knowledge and implement improvement plans For manufacturers, it is a […]


2019, YCM is ready!

Last summer, YCM won “Taiwan Most Innovative Brand Award” and “Taiwan Excellent Products Golden Award” from Taiwan Best Manufacturer Committee. And it’ our pleasure to have our information on Taiwan Excellence’s 2019 publication.   In 2019, YCM will still devote ourselves to sustainability. Researching, developing and refining to help brands and factories better enterprises!  


We continue to work with the world for environmental protection

Many industries devote themselves to reducing pollution, And march toward the goal of sustainability.   Years of experience working with different industries, YCM has seen and involved in these changes. We use our expertise in mold and microbes, assisting customers solve the critical issues and achieve the goal of improving efficiency and combat mold while protecting […]