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The climate causes moldy products? Correct preventions solve the problems!

With heavy rain over and over again, the severe climate in Southeast Asia significantly affects product quality!   Some buildings have waterproofing construction. However, if you want to prevent “moisture” or sultry heat, professional environmental control plans are needed!   By collecting factories’ and countries’ environmental data, YCM customizes improving plans for our clients, taking […]


YCM’s family tea party

YCM values not only every hard working employee, but each member’s family!   Through a sincere, simple and warm family day, all participants can communicate with the company. Besides deeper understanding of YCM’s prospects in future, we also hope to build a deeper trust between each other! — #You Can Make a difference #YCMProducts.com #優克美

What makes your products moldy?

Have you been confused that why the products suddenly get moldy? YCM has been working hard on finding root cause of mold precisely. Besides tens of thousands of mold data accumulated over years, we also continuously improve our technological power for faster service.   YCM is ready for everything. Moldy reason identification service is officially […]


Wanna increase enterprise value? Start from improving your factory

Factory is the economic lifeline of Southeast Asian countries. However, climate change and global warming have seriously affected the working environment in these areas. Improving comfortableness for employees is just as important as maintaining product’s quality!   YCM is guiding factories in these countries, establishing a good working environment with quality and human rights!   […]


Glocalization-Faster and Closer to Clients

To instantly response to our client globally, YCM keeps expanding oversea operating locations.   At present, we have offices in HCMC, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shang Hai and Dong Guan, China. Even UK, on the other side of Earth. Feel free to contact us at nearest location whenever we can help.   Please see Contact page […]