Mold is actually ubiquitous in our living environment , but why do most product inspections and protections target bacteria rather than mold? And how does mold do harm to the human body in life? Today we want to tell everyone:

1. The air is actually full of mold. The mold is very light and tiny. It is very difficult to completely eliminate them, but it is possible to prevent the item from becoming moldy!

2. Alcohol can achieve its anti-bacterial and anti-mold effects by following a simple principle!

3. Is it safe to eat moldy food? No! Of course! Even if the food is only a little bit moldy, don’t eat it!

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In our daily life, we often use alcohol as a disinfectant.

But is alcohol a suitable substance to kill bacteria or mold?

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Most of manufacturers of the air purifiers in the market show their CADR value to help consumers choose suitable air purifiers.
But… what is the CADR value?

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In order to avoid package bursting during transportation,

the organic and environmentally friendly cat litter

will be packed by a outer layer with vents that havea diameter of less than 1mm

The humidity in the air may enter through the holes.

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YCM recently is dealing with a special case of moldy auto parts
Are you surprised that metal can also get moldy?
This is actually because before the parts leave the factory, a layer of oil is applied on the surface to avoid oxidation.
This wil become nutrient source which eventually causes the problems!
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Do you remember when is the last time you eat vegetarian food?

According to statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), animal husbandry produces nearly one-fifth of the world’s greenhouse gases. Every kilogram of beef produces 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide.
And due to the production of meat, the global warming is becoming more severe. Every year, the emission of carbon dioxide is equivalent to 7.1 billion tons!

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Nowadays, most of manufacturers provide third-party test reports to show that their services or products are trustworthy. However, there are too many types of test reports for consumers to know whether the reports are “useful.”

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When the ventilation system of the building is poor, can we solve the problem by simply increasing the usage of fan?

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In the past, Taiwan’s agricultural products are  close to but also far from global market. Rich and special agricultural resources are difficult to travel long distances since they are full of nutrient and water inside. Not to mention half the world away. Read more