risks hiding in warehouse


A warehouse is just like human’s body,

accumulating too many bad things may lead to illness!

Besides, a bad environment not only makes employee not feel well,

but possibly ruins your materials.


Let YCM tell you how to renew an old warehouse,

making it healthy again and more proper for your materials!

When brands put more and more efforts into sustainability,

investing in green production process and merchandise

has become a global issue.


YCM devotes our efforts to promoting factory’s sustainability improvement.

Protecting your whole production process with our mold prevention system,

which therefore helps you avoid carbon footprint from scrap and repeatedly purchase.


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Do you think organizing materials by some workers is good enough for mold prevention?

Lack of periodical training and mold prevention concept

can bring trouble to your material management.


YCM’s improving project not only create a safer warehouse

but put more efforts into educating person in charge.

Giving all your materials the best protection.

YCMs training and education

How to plan your space utilization?

How to use mold prevention equipment?

If the whole project is properly planned,

it can bring added value to the capacity and quality of your factory!


Let YCM use technology and data science,

to help you control the moldy risk more accurately at each point,

and provide you the most professional solutions!


YCM's best wishes to Christmas

2018 is almost close to the end and the Christmas is coming. We would like to send you our sincere thanks for your continued trust and cooperation throughout this year.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


In 2018, we’ve been working hard on developing physical mold prevention solutions. Through science and data, we can control factory’s environment more effectively and then control the molding risks.
Only thing we need to do is maintaining this system which is customized to fit your factory’s characteristic.


Moreover, preventing mold with our physical methods can reduce the use of unnecessary chemical products which means we can also reduce cost and be more eco-friendly.


Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in our innovative solutions!

Lack of proper preservation plans makes you nowhere to store your materials?

You must be careful!

This will eventually let the mold grow and spread your the material warehouse!


YCM’s professional material preservation plans for factories

include not only optimizing space utilization,

but also keeps the moldy risks away from your materials.


Messy Storage causes Mold

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A country with hot and damp climate – Vietnam,

is now facing some climate issues.

They strive to connect with other countries and carry out reforms!


YCM serves many Vietnamese factories.

With professional experience,

we design improving plan for customers which also based on local climate

to combat mold with factory!

proper management for material

The unnoticed dusts accumulating in the warehouses

may lead general sanitary problems into the nightmare of mold!


YCM could assist you with the way of eliminating the roots of mold on the materials.

Make the claim for compensation not happen any more.

Are the materials with decayed wooden pallet in your factories?

You must be aware of the risk of materials and take precautions before it happens.


Through prompt and detailed on-site environment assessment,

YCM will provide customized improvement plan according to diverse characters of factories’ environments.

Make your materials warehouses be away from any risks.

proper storage to prevent mold

Many factories don’t have right concept about materials.

Thus, they may use wrong method to prevent mold.

When they spend the money,

the risks have been generated quietly!


YCM knows the characteristic of all materials

We can analyze and design the proper storage space

based on the condition of your factories.

And help you protect all different kinds of materials!