People take price as a main factor to decide how to prevent mold.

But the price–performance ratio should also be a part of your concern.

Using wrong products is costing you money and doing harm to environment.


That’s why YCM keeps promoting prevent mold with physical methods.

With right method, you can control the humidity easily and efficiently.

It can reduces not only your loss on profit but the negative impact to planet earth.

Do you know in employee’s daily routine,

they touch many leather directly with their hands which carry lots of microbes.

This make it easier for mold to affect all leather.


Let YCM tell you:

In many of our cases,

we often found that people ignore the importance of hand cleaning!

To have a more comprehensive protection for materials and employee’s health,

you should develop the correct hand cleaning concept!

hands sterilization

poor management causes mold issue

Are you familiar with situations like this?

There’s lots of mold prevention equipment running,

but it’s still dark and damp inside your factories.

And worst of all, mold still sometimes grows on your material.


Do you want to avoid all these risks?

YCM’s space planning is the best way to improve your raw material warehouses.

Let’s solve this problem effectively!


wooden pallets

There are many different types of pallets used by factories.

And it’s common to see factory using wooden pallets.

However, is the cheap wooden pallet that green as you think?

Do you know there are molding crisis hiding in the unclean wooden pallets?


YCM team plans a mold prevention project without

and provides the best protection for each of material.

To keep molding issue away,

know your risk is your very first step!

creature carry risk

Spiders settle down indoors,

The borers multiply on the shelves.

Are these just some issues about health?


This type of creature loves the same growing environment as mold.

Thus, it is easy to become a way for mold spreading.

Additionally, it’s a kind of nutrients for mold’s growth.


YCM team’s professional improvement program,

helps your warehouse stay away from these hazards,

Let us make the strongest protection for your material warehouse!

Regarding to global climate change,

Many old factories locating in asian countries 

can no longer meet the requirement of proper material storage via traditional managing method.


We’ve seen many improper using of mold prevention equipment.

With years of experience and scientific confirmation,

YCM can help you make the best use of dehumidifier 

and customize a proper storage environment for your factory.

#You Can Make a difference

To help factory prevent mold and become eco-friendlier and more sustainable,

YCM continues updating and importing physical mold prevention methods for factory.

With this system running, factory may not need to buy consumables continuously which also reduce the impact on environment.

Meanwhile, the less chemical means less harm to human.

So that working environment can get an upgrade.

And factory will get more competitive advantage.

#You Can Make a difference


physical method for mold prevention

This time, YCM joined Asia International Conference of Leather Science and Technology (AICLST) to get a closer look into leather industry.

Also, we published a thesis about mold prevention for leather during the meeting and had lots of good feedbacks from attendees.

After this meeting, we know that how to use scientific methods to prevent mold and be eco-friendlier are definitely our future.


YCM will never stop though 11th AICLST is end.

YCM will keep using scientific methods to help manufacturers have a thrive and sustainable future.


#You Can Make a difference


Alan's big success

China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) cooperates with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST) on hosting “11th Asia International Conference of Leather Science and Technology (AICLST)” at SUST on the 16th -19th Oct., 2018.


Alan Shih, one of the researchers in YCM Lab, completed a thesis after months of hardworking.

And it’s really an honor that CLIA invited us to share our research result during the conference.

Alan at AICLST

We shared our know-hows about the relationship between mold and leather, and the risk hiding in this industry.

Moreover, we introduced how YCM can help you to run a sustainable leather factory.

leather in material warehouse

Leather – which both is classic and stylish. And it’s commonly used for shoes, bags and accessary.


However, not only human but the mold loves leather. Because that leather content the nutrient which feeds mold.

Thus, how to preserve leather is quite a branch of knowledge.


To provide more effective and eco-friendly mold prevention solutions, YCM devotes ourselves to studying mold.

And if, unfortunately, you encounter some mold issues, we will find out the root of issues and solve all risk factors.

YCT-case study


Hence, we founded our own mold analyzing laboratory.

Clients only need to provide us the material or finished goods that they have any concern.

YCM Lab will culture, observe and analyze the mold, and eventually complete a detailed testing report.


Moreover, our researchers can do on-site sampling and provide a deeper comparison and analysis,

which help our clients reveal the risk and solve the problem precisely.