Beside the COVID:19, rainy season is coming and bringing high humidity to factories. The situation may get tougher than before if there is huge amount of stocks. Read more

Recently, a platform has been launched

to help brands find ethical and sustainable factories

for their supply chains.


It’s similar to what YCM is making all-out effort.

We are creating a future that supply chain can be more sustainable in different aspects:

Less chemical, less waste and less cost.

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After the industrial time, carbon dioxide has been released and become a global issue.

To reduce the burden to environment,

everyone has invested a lot of efforts.


YCM’s mold-conbatting engineering not only prevent mold,

but improve equipment efficiency through proper configuration,

reducing energy consumption and waste.

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The global supply chain changed a lots recently,

many brands are investing in new locations.

However, the quality and legality of suppliers are major issues to inspect and

deal with.


YCM continues to work with famous brands.

We not only use data and technology to perform physical mold prevention

but meanwhile improve the factory environment to achieve human rights

and good quality.
Also we maintain this high supply chain quality through annual audit!

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We are really pleasant to be interviewed by Business Weekly. This means YCM’s efforts on anti-mold are seen by more people.

We keep our faith on physical anti-mold and we will never change our minds even we underwent malicious attack.

YCM will keeg moving forward and will not be restricted to broaden our horizons.


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With heavy rain over and over again,

the severe climate in Southeast Asia significantly affects product quality!


Some buildings have waterproofing construction.

However, if you want to prevent “moisture” or sultry heat,

professional environmental control plans are needed!


By collecting factories’ and countries’ environmental data,

YCM customizes improving plans for our clients,

taking the best care of your hard-working products!


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YCM values not only every hard working employee,

but each member’s family!


Through a sincere, simple and warm family day,

all participants can communicate with the company.

Besides deeper understanding of YCM’s prospects in future,

we also hope to build a deeper trust between each other!

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YCM Family Day

Have you been confused that why the products suddenly get moldy?

YCM has been working hard on finding root cause of mold precisely.

Besides tens of thousands of mold data accumulated over years,

we also continuously improve our technological power for faster service.


YCM is ready for everything.

Moldy reason identification service is officially launched!

You just need to provide us a sample,

YCM Lab can find the root cause of mold!

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In recent years, many famous brands

were examined the ethical eye test of the world,

If we want to achieve these goals,

it’s necessary to strictly control from manufacturing.


YCM walks through factories, providing design and improvement plans.

Not only will the product have a better manufacturing environment,

but employees have a comfortable working space.

Ultimately improve the human rights for whole supply chain!


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Factory is the economic lifeline of Southeast Asian countries.

However, climate change and global warming

have seriously affected the working environment in these areas.

Improving comfortableness for employees

is just as important as maintaining product’s quality!


YCM is guiding factories in these countries,

establishing a good working environment with quality and human rights!


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