proper management for material

The unnoticed dusts accumulating in the warehouses

may lead general sanitary problems into the nightmare of mold!


YCM could assist you with the way of eliminating the roots of mold on the materials.

Make the claim for compensation not happen any more.

Are the materials with decayed wooden pallet in your factories?

You must be aware of the risk of materials and take precautions before it happens.


Through prompt and detailed on-site environment assessment,

YCM will provide customized improvement plan according to diverse characters of factories’ environments.

Make your materials warehouses be away from any risks.

proper storage to prevent mold

Many factories don’t have right concept about materials.

Thus, they may use wrong method to prevent mold.

When they spend the money,

the risks have been generated quietly!


YCM knows the characteristic of all materials

We can analyze and design the proper storage space

based on the condition of your factories.

And help you protect all different kinds of materials!

YCMs on-site services

When the moldy issue happens,

nobody wants to be responsible for the loss.

But you can prevent this from happening by making some changes to factories.


YCM provides environment investigation for either factories or warehouses.

We analyze risks thoroughly and give you proper solutions.

You can spend money on which is worth it rather than compensation.

Management vs mold prevention

Do you preserve raw materials this way?

We hope you stop ignoring this situation

which may lead to moldy issues.


YCM helps you correct the fail in preservation.

We customize mold prevention mechanism based on factory’s characteristics,

and combine mold prevention with management without extra efforts for your materials!

News Sharing:Vietnam faces new threat from Usagi after landslides kill at least 14


Recently, Tropical Storm Toraji brings severe disaster to south-central Vietnam and has the chance to affect eastern Cambodia this weekend.

And it’s said that the flooding and mudslides may spread into north-central Vietnam and China’s Hainan Island this weekend.


We hope everyone in this area stay safe and there is no more tragedy.

And we also hope that people can realize the environment is changing.

By saving energy and reducing pollution, everyone can do their part to protect Mother Earth.

People take price as a main factor to decide how to prevent mold.

But the price–performance ratio should also be a part of your concern.

Using wrong products is costing you money and doing harm to environment.


That’s why YCM keeps promoting prevent mold with physical methods.

With right method, you can control the humidity easily and efficiently.

It can reduces not only your loss on profit but the negative impact to planet earth.

Do you know in employee’s daily routine,

they touch many leather directly with their hands which carry lots of microbes.

This make it easier for mold to affect all leather.


Let YCM tell you:

In many of our cases,

we often found that people ignore the importance of hand cleaning!

To have a more comprehensive protection for materials and employee’s health,

you should develop the correct hand cleaning concept!

hands sterilization

poor management causes mold issue

Are you familiar with situations like this?

There’s lots of mold prevention equipment running,

but it’s still dark and damp inside your factories.

And worst of all, mold still sometimes grows on your material.


Do you want to avoid all these risks?

YCM’s space planning is the best way to improve your raw material warehouses.

Let’s solve this problem effectively!


wooden pallets

There are many different types of pallets used by factories.

And it’s common to see factory using wooden pallets.

However, is the cheap wooden pallet that green as you think?

Do you know there are molding crisis hiding in the unclean wooden pallets?


YCM team plans a mold prevention project without

and provides the best protection for each of material.

To keep molding issue away,

know your risk is your very first step!