Do you know different areas with different climate will lead to different environmental hazards?

YCM(You Can Make) is willing to share our experience and knowledge with brands and suppliers.
With years of experience to provide our professional service to our partner, YCM team can build a more comfortable, safer and healthier working environment for factory!

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Continuously upgrading and enriching ourselves are the secret to YCM (you can make)’s constant growth.

Opportunity awaits no one! Recruitment will soon be done and dusted!
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YCM participates in 2018 Asia Pacific leather fair.
We keep our mould prevention mechanism being on cutting edge all over the world by understanding the latest leather industry development trend in depth.

Additonally, we take part in Leather Sustainability Conference. This conference also attract many world famous brands. Every guest discusses with experts in related fields.
Today’s topic is about how to produce and process leather with lower damage to earth and human’s health. Also make people care about water quality conservation and sustainable development.
YCM is dedicating in more eco-friendly mould prevention technology and product. And we’re going to participate in 2020 zero water pollution plan.

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Every member fights for team honor with their young and energetic spirit!

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Two-day spring outing has gone so fast! YCM staffs not only work hard but play hard. Whether you’re at work or at play, do your best and enjoy every moment.

Do you want to join this joyful and vibrant family ?
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Every member of YCM is showing their best on stage ! wish a perfect DOG year in 2018.

Do you want to join this energetic and healthy family ?
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