We want

We do not just want to deal with mold problems for the factory,

but also want to create a comfortable and friendly environment for the factory.

We can


Mould audit to find out root cause.


Mould analysis to analyze the mold trait.


Mould solution to design workable way for improvement.


Education to convey mould prevention knowledge.


Consultant to maintain healthy environment.


Certification to endorse factory with  0% mould pollution.

We believe

We promise

Our consulting team have more than seven years of experience in the field of mold prevention. Our team of technicians work closely with our manufacturers and brands to help them reduce odor and humidity control within their factories and suppliers. The mechanism not only help them to control the production quality, but also maintain a system to avoid mold issue.

We understand that many problems of factories are coming from producing goods in high humidity countries, and they can be solved at the source. We have input many years into biological sampling and species identification, which could help identified the root of the problem.

In the last two years, we have helped over 2000 factories with noticeable improvements.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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