Using Better Materials

YCM prioritizes eco-friendly materials like LDPE and FSC-certified resources, ensuring our products are sustainable and safe for the environment.

Preventing Manufacturing Reruns

Our innovative mold-prevention techniques safeguard products from mold, reducing waste and preventing the need for resource-intensive manufacturing reruns.

Hazardous Chemicals-Free

We use natural products, ensuring our solutions are free from harmful chemicals, protecting both the environment and consumer health.

Technological Innovation

Constantly advancing our practices, we integrate the latest technologies to develop environmentally friendly solutions.


Community Support

We actively support our local community, including sponsoring the Taichung/Changhua Dreamers basketball team and their non-profit initiative, the Dreamers Club.

Employee Partnerships and Programs

YCM offers partnership programs that empower our staff, sponsoring travel and team-building experiences to foster a strong, motivated workforce.

Customer-Oriented Organization

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to maintain high standards and continuously improve our services and products.


Compliance and Certification

We adhere to regulations in all major regions and are ISO certified for 17020 & 17025, ensuring our processes meet the highest standards.

Transparent Practices

Our transparent accounting and adherence to ethical business practices reinforce our integrity and reliability in the industry.