Environment, Social Responsibility, and Governance

When YCM was founded, our goal was to help clients to eradicate mold contamination on their finished products. Our initial offering was the anti-mold sticker that provided our clients with an environmentally friendly solution to replace silica gel. Our stickers are made from 100% natural ingredients and certified recyclable. 

Following the success of our stickers, we worked closely with our clients and partners to truly understand the mold issues they faced throughout their factories and manufacturing environment.  This enabled us to define and launch our MDAP service that is designed to help eradicate mold issues from raw materials through to the delivery of finished goods worldwide.

Our products and services aim to enable clients to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and help to improve the working environment for our customers labour force in their factories.

Our belief is that every company should do their part, so we continuously review our own manufacturing and internal processes and the environmental impact of everything we do.

Below are some of the key changes we have implemented in our business to align with our key goals:


Replaced light bulbs in our head office with LED technology reducing our electricity usage by 190 kwh per annum.
Introduced a paperless policy which reduced internal usage by more than 50% per year.
Vegetarian Lunches are provided to staff one day per week to combat the greenhouse gases caused by animal farming.

Social Responsibility

Our staff are the most important part of our business, so their wellbeing and health and safety are our highest priority. Regular feedback from staff has allowed us to improve working conditions and reduce any risk of harm within the business.
We ensure there is good ventilation and lighting in all working areas using tools such as C02 meters, de-humidifiers and air purifiers.


Source FSC approved paper to use in our anti-mold stickers
Certified by ISO 17025 (Laboratory Standard) and 17020 (Laboratory Specialist Standard)
Annual audits conducted by 3rd party suppliers to ensure the highest standards are met ongoing

Carbon Footprint Reduction