The allergic reaction may caused by mold! It may be worst if you overlook it.

Mold is tiny and it can be everywhere, we couldn’t see the mold by the eyes, but don’t overlook it!

Generally speaking, the immune system of a healthy human body can remove most of the pollen, dust mites, dust, mold spores. that enter the lungs through breathing. People (such as: AIDS, diabetes patients….), inhalation of mold spores may cause some diseases, such as pulmonary aspergillosis, the spores inhaled in the lungs grow out of mycelium in the lungs (Fungal ball), and then have obvious symptoms similar to tuberculosis, coughing up blood and losing weight.

Always feel itchy eyes and runny nose, but can’t find the reasons? May be caused by mold!

Taiwan’s climate is hot and humid. From March to December, it is a season good for molds to grow up. Not only the dust mite and the pollen will cause allergy but the mold will also cause allergy. Mold allergy also accounts for a large proportion of the population in Taiwan, about 10%, but it is the most overlooked part.

Why is mold so easy to be ignored? In fact, it is difficult to recognize mold allergy. The sensitivity of each person’s immune system is different. The occurrence of the reaction is related to the intensity and time of exposure to the allergen. For example, the same intake of 100,000 molds, some people are allergic, and some people are fine. After analysis, it is found that only a small part of the 100,000 molds is the type A mold that causes their allergic reactions.

Academia has always been divided into two groups: one group is the fact that too many mold spores that are included in the replacement may cause a reaction; the other group  the induction reaction that has nothing to do with the absorption of a large number of mold spores, and even the kind of mold spores that are sucked in. It may be the real cause of allergies. This has always been a preliminary double in academia.

If you have a cold the reaction is similar with allergic reaction and you can’t find out the reason, such as headache, runny nose, uncomfortable eyes, or asthma, you can consider doing a serum allergy test in the hospital to see if you are allergic to mold~

Because the mold is very tiny, the filter of the general air purifier cannot completely filter it. The easiest way is to inhibit the growth of mold!

How can we preserve to get the allergic pneumonia?

First, we have to know what cause the allergic pneumonia.

Allergic pneumonia is an inflammatory reaction in the lungs caused by an allergic immune response, which mainly affects the alveoli and terminal bronchi. Allergic pneumonia is caused by repeated inhalation of organic substances that cause allergies.

For example : moldy sugar cane coffee powderdust tree bark moldy grass and the grain fodder. There are so many kinds of molds will cause the allergic pneumonia, such as Aspergillus.


The best way to preserve the allergic pneumonia is avoided the allergen. But we can’t change the environment anytime, so the first thing is to decrease the allergen in the environment. By the way, keeping good ventilate will decrease the allergen.

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