Mold Prevention: Education & Training

Over the years, YCM has accumulated a deep store of knowledge of the potential problems caused by mold and the methods that can be used to solve such problems – and prevent them arising.

This knowledge drives the service that has led so many well-known brands to become our clients. But it also drives a desire to share that expertise to prevent such problems returning in future.

As well as visiting brands and factories to discuss the ways in which mold might be prevented, we also take care to train staff on site in the methods that we use.

So, for instance, when raw materials are delivered to a factory, we know that some are more at risk than others. We teach employees at the factory to grade the materials and keep them in different ways so they stay in the best possible condition.

We can design and deliver a training course that works best for our clients’ needs, production process and factories’ circumstances.

YCM and its consultants are now seen as thought leaders in the area of mold prevention and our advice is sought at events, seminars and exhibitions around the world.

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