New Era of Mold Prevention Is Coming!

leather in material warehouse

Leather – which both is classic and stylish. And it’s commonly used for shoes, bags and accessary.


However, not only human but the mold loves leather. Because that leather content the nutrient which feeds mold.

Thus, how to preserve leather is quite a branch of knowledge.


To provide more effective and eco-friendly mold prevention solutions, YCM devotes ourselves to studying mold.

And if, unfortunately, you encounter some mold issues, we will find out the root of issues and solve all risk factors.

YCT-case study


Hence, we founded our own mold analyzing laboratory.

Clients only need to provide us the material or finished goods that they have any concern.

YCM Lab will culture, observe and analyze the mold, and eventually complete a detailed testing report.


Moreover, our researchers can do on-site sampling and provide a deeper comparison and analysis,

which help our clients reveal the risk and solve the problem precisely.

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