Through the mold prevention expertise, Taiwan agricultural products are closer to the world!

In the past, Taiwan’s agricultural products are  close to but also far from global market. Rich and special agricultural resources are difficult to travel long distances since they are full of nutrient and water inside. Not to mention half the world away.

Shall we give up this opportunity to share Taiwan’s delicious specialties with the world?

Don’t worry, YCM can help!

This year, Taiwan’s agricultural products seized this opportunity through agents. To safely travel across the Atlantic and arrive at USA, they contacted YCM for the mold prevention expertise.

After receiving the task, we began our inspection and started the export preservation plan for agricultural products.

In just 2 weeks, the biotechnology was used to find out the stage and cause of mold. Our team discussed and simulated how to save the agricultural products under the shipping conditions, and finally provided customer with a comprehensive solution!


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