Workshop discussion

Cooling pads are commonly wet cardboards made of kraft . The theory used is when outside air through the cooling pad, the air temperature will lower due to evaporation. Many cases from YCM- M.D.A.P factories , the moisture within the cooling pads is allowing the mold to grow .Questions being asked are like: “What If the mold is not only on the cardboard, but also within the cardboard ?” “Will the cardboard keep growing mold if cleaned or not ?” By the end of the workshop , we also had an interesting discussion over the cooling pad system, and YCM shared how we successfully handled the moldy cooling pads problem for the factories. Thanks again for being invited and there were lots of interactions and feedback happening in the workshop. YCM benefited . If you want to know the answers or share new ideas, please contact YCM : www.ycmtw.wpengine.com


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