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Do something that contributes to the environment only create value for customers, customer experience first, insist on altruism.

YCM is a global mold-prevention consultancy that offers working solutions for brands and manufacturers of footwear, clothing, accessories and textiles.

We use deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help our clients achieve great results. Our clients have seen a rise in production, improved relationships with suppliers, and savings through reduced stock losses.

Mold is a serious issue for manufacturers working in a hot, humid climate. It can cause damage to products – and to the relationships between manufacturers and their clients.

We offer expert prevention advice and practical solutions to the problem at all three stages of manufacture: i) the delivery and storage of raw materials, ii) the production process and iii) storing and shipping worldwide.

YCM now works with some of the most sophisticated, innovative and successful organisations in the world.

In recent years we have expanded our service to help clients protect toys, jewellery and general household equipment.

Our team

When we hire team members, we seek out people who are intellectually curious, confident and high achievers.

That’s why we bring on board people who value analysis over assumption. That’s why our culture values evidence over opinion. From our largest project to our most focused engagement, we take nothing for granted.

We consider each problem objectively, follow the data relentlessly and deliver deeper, sharper insights that give our clients an information advantage. The culture we’ve built accepts nothing less.

Customer Service

At YCM, we believe customer service and sales after-care are just as important as supplying our clients with the most innovative products. We strive to offer the best in service. To achieve this, we have invested in ongoing training for our team.

We offer both online and telephone support to our clients on a daily basis, as well as holding regular seminars that our customers and their suppliers can attend.

These seminars are designed to support the work we do with our clients, offer continuous training, and help develop new initiatives.


Our production is complies with REACH regulations. We are constantly testing our products to ensure they are both eco-friendly and of the highest quality.

We use globally recognized third-party companies such as Intertek, TÜV and BV.

For more information, please contact our sales department on +886-4-7278869.

Other service

  1. Commercial information and directory agency;
  2. Goods import-export agencies;
  3. Offering business management assistance in the establishment and/or operation of restaurants;
  4. Organistion of exhibitions and trade fairs for business and promotional purposes;
  5. Wholesale distributorships featuring cosmetics and household items.

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YCM Vision

Speak For Brands, Manufacturers, And Consumers And Work Together To Create Future Of Clean Environment As Well As To Make A Fresh Breathing World.

YCM is Global

YCM has warehousing not only in Taiwan but China. And there is an office in the United Kingdom, with our Head Office and Product Manufacturing based in Taiwan.

Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

Core Labor Requirements

According to internationally recognized standards, YCM PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is committed to assure the human rights of employees and respecting their basic rights, including:

  1. Respect for employees and freedom of employment

Comply with government labor regulations, eliminate any form of forced labor, and prohibit the use of forced or indentured labor.

  1. Not employing individuals under the age of fifteen for work.

Not to use children under the age of 15 in any manufacturing process, and workers under the age of 18 are not allowed to perform work that may endanger their health or safety. The company also provides appropriate support and training to all student workers.

  1. Eliminate all forms of forced labor

The employment relationship is voluntary, based on mutual consent, without the threat of punishment.

  1. Humane Treatment

Avoid harsh and inhumane treatment of employees, including any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, bullying, public humiliation or verbal abuse; Nor shall there be threats of any such conduct. Relevant disciplinary policies and procedures must be clearly defined and clearly communicated to employees.

  1. Non-discrimination/non-harassment

Employees are free from harassment and unlawful discrimination. The company does not discriminate in recruitment and actual work based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race or national origin, disability, pregnancy, creed, political affiliation, group background, veteran status or marital status, etc. or harass employees.

  1. Freedom of association and labor consultation

The company respects the rights of all employees to organize and participate in unions of their choice, to bargain collectively and to participate in peaceful assembly. Employees and labor representatives are able to communicate openly and share their thoughts and concerns with management about working conditions and management practices without fear of discrimination, retaliation, threats or harassment.

  1. Vocational skills training

Allow employees to grow fully in the working environment, formulate functional plans for each position of each department, so that employees clearly understand the mission of individuals and departments, and through the formulation of OGSM, internal and external training plans for employees, so that colleagues and the company grow together.