How YCM can help your factory

YCM understands the challenges involved in manufacturing goods in conditions of heat and high humidity.

In the last two years, we have helped more than 2,000 factories to make noticeable improvements in their systems and processes to combat the risk of mold.

We have also spent considerable time researching biological samples which help us to understand the root cause of mold – and the steps that can be taken to prevent it.

What we do

YCM has the knowledge and expertise to get involved at all three stages of a factory’s production process:

  • Raw materials

    We check the moisture content – high moisture means mold will grow more easily. We train our clients in grading the different raw materials and keeping them in different ways so that they stay in the best possible condition.

  • Production

    If you have a busy production line and many employees to operate it, the temperature will be high, which in turn can lead to the risk of mold. We can advise on good ventilation and air flow, which will keep mold in check and also make conditions more comfortable for staff.

  • Storing

    When the finished goods are packed ready for shipping, mold may appear unless the right procedures are in place. For instance, we have a mold-prevention sticker that can be placed inside the packaging to prevent your merchandise from getting mold during shipment.

All our products are made from natural ingredients. There are no artificial chemicals, which means there should be no allergy or skin problems for either employees or consumers.

Factory Audit and MDAP

In 2015, YCM launched the Mold Disappear Action Plan (MDAP), with six clear stages from Assessment through to Certification.

YCM can carry out a full factory mold audit and provide a solution specific to your premises, with ongoing support and training.

Brand-Factory Disputes About Mold

If a brand and a factory have a dispute over a claim for compensation because of moldy merchandise. YCM can help. We will act as a communication bridge to help clarify the responsibility for the mold and attempt to broker a deal that is satisfactory to both parties and ensures their relationship can continue.

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