How YCM can help your brand

YCM is proud to work with some of the most sophisticated, innovative and successful brands in the world.

We know that a company’s brand is more than just a logo. It is your mark of distinction, it is what sets you apart from your competitors.

When you establish and follow a successful brand management strategy, it shows you can be trusted – by customers, suppliers and anyone else who does business with you.

YCM works to help our clients to protect the value of their brand, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

What we do

YCM offers a wide range of mold-prevention services, covering all aspects of manufacturing, production, storage and transportation. We create and deliver a service based on your specific requirements.

By following our preservation techniques, you can be sure your items are protected and remain fresh until they are delivered to their final destination.

We work closely with our customers’ supply chain to help them preserve their goods in any environment. Not only do we save you money, we also act as a valuable part of your internal technical and quality control teams.

Our products and services are flexible and able to cope with rapid change. That means we can quickly manage any issues that arise, offering a smooth and trusted service to our clients and third-party suppliers.

YCM also aspires to be the third-party certification body of the anti-mildew industry. Using our Mold Disappear Action Plan and an annual inspection, brands will be able to choose the best factories as partners.

Brand-Supplier Disputes About Mold

If a brand and a factory have a dispute over a claim for compensation because of moldy merchandise. YCM can help. We will act as a communication bridge to help clarify the responsibility for the mold and attempt to broker a deal that is satisfactory to both parties and ensures their relationship can continue.

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