China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) cooperates with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST) on hosting “11th Asia International Conference of Leather Science and Technology (AICLST)” at SUST on the 16th -19th Oct., 2018.


Alan Shih, one of the researchers in YCM Lab, completed a thesis after months of hardworking.

And it’s really an honor that CLIA invited us to share our research result during the conference.

Alan at AICLST

We shared our know-hows about the relationship between mold and leather, and the risk hiding in this industry.

Moreover, we introduced how YCM can help you to run a sustainable leather factory.

leather in material warehouse

Leather – which both is classic and stylish. And it’s commonly used for shoes, bags and accessary.


However, not only human but the mold loves leather. Because that leather content the nutrient which feeds mold.

Thus, how to preserve leather is quite a branch of knowledge.


To provide more effective and eco-friendly mold prevention solutions, YCM devotes ourselves to studying mold.

And if, unfortunately, you encounter some mold issues, we will find out the root of issues and solve all risk factors.

YCT-case study


Hence, we founded our own mold analyzing laboratory.

Clients only need to provide us the material or finished goods that they have any concern.

YCM Lab will culture, observe and analyze the mold, and eventually complete a detailed testing report.


Moreover, our researchers can do on-site sampling and provide a deeper comparison and analysis,

which help our clients reveal the risk and solve the problem precisely.

Some enterprises may move their factories to different area due to tendency.

But moving to a damper and hotter country may raise molding risk.


No matter you want to plan a new building or renovate an existing one,

with deep industrial expertise, YCM can help clients control environmental risk factors effectively.

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By collecting data onsite,
and converting all these data into valuable information,
We analyze where the risk is for clients.

Last but not least,
YCM not only unveils risks but imports a mold prevention system for our clients
which helps you prevent mold efficiently and effectively.

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systematical solutions

YCM is confident to tell you :
Mold prevention can perfectly combine with fluent working flow.

Make good use of factory now you have,
build a proper environment for material and upgrade to a more comfortable working place.

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At the beginning, the factory must be in good condition.
But as the time goes by, local climate, employee’s habit, and all the unexpected incident can gradually make your factory a breeding ground for mold.

Risks accumulated, and what should we do?
YCM’s improving strategy with years of industrial experience and knowledge.
Let mold prevention expert keep close eye on your working environment.

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It costs lots of money to build a factory since the planning procedure.
But during whole project, production capacity must be the priority.
Hardly, people make connection between building and quality.

With YCM’s mold prevention planning,
factory may have their own mechanism and equipment
to combat mold from the very beginning.

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Time has gone so fast, and it’s Mid-Autumn festival again.
YCM prepares delicious and delicate moon cake for everyone.

YCM wishes every of our clients and team members
a blissful holiday with all your family.

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Mid_Autumn_Moon cake

As a busy factory, production is their priority.
Thus, they sometimes neglect environment management which cause moldy problems in the end.


YCM helps factory build up good concept to prevent this from happening.
With the best practice, factory can keep mold away without any extra effort put into.

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Recently, more and more brands are committed to environmental protecting

by using their influence to make the whole value chain upgrade.


YCM persists and believes that introducing complete preservation system and correct managing concept can help.

We reduce the mold issue which means less second-time purchase and waste

and make the industry friendlier to our planet Earth.


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