During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, various products show up and then claim themselves have an effective and unique function against microbes such as viruses, bacteria, or molds. Facing all these products, the problem first coming into our head maybe is “Are these products really as good as their advertisement or it just a sales talk?”. To clarify this question and purchase the product with confidence, we only need to understand the meaning of some terms wrote on the label.

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Mold is the most common but mysterious existence in our lives.
What is the role of mold for YCM, having years of experience in studying mold? Mold is the great helper! No matter in production of various delicious foods, tasty wine or even the antibiotics against bacteria, mold plays an important role. However, it can also become a terrible destroyer growing on your food, causing allergy, damaging shoes, clothes and bags. What is even worse is that they can invade our bodies and make us sick.

In order to get rid of mold, have you tried many ways to kill it? Have you ever wondered that there might be a better solution to solve this endless mold problem?

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When it comes to mold, we usually found it from food, bathroom, corner, even clothes.

But in fact, mold is also widely used in medical, food, and scientific development, and it has made great contributions to human life!

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We appreciate for “Business Weekly” report again. In the hard time, YCM do care about the factories’ situations and help them to resolve the problems by the Technological power. Not only does the relationship with customers heat up, but also delivering positive energy, on the other hand, creates 15% of new customers who recognize and use our professional technology.

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Do you remember when is the last time you eat vegetarian food?

According to statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), animal husbandry produces nearly one-fifth of the world’s greenhouse gases. Every kilogram of beef produces 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide.
And due to the production of meat, the global warming is becoming more severe. Every year, the emission of carbon dioxide is equivalent to 7.1 billion tons!

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In the past, Taiwan’s agricultural products are  close to but also far from global market. Rich and special agricultural resources are difficult to travel long distances since they are full of nutrient and water inside. Not to mention half the world away. Read more

We are really pleasant to be interviewed by Business Weekly. This means YCM’s efforts on anti-mold are seen by more people.

We keep our faith on physical anti-mold and we will never change our minds even we underwent malicious attack.

YCM will keeg moving forward and will not be restricted to broaden our horizons.


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News Sharing:彰化小廠「找老大談」策略 翻身Nike、Zara防黴顧問

YCM values not only every hard working employee,

but each member’s family!


Through a sincere, simple and warm family day,

all participants can communicate with the company.

Besides deeper understanding of YCM’s prospects in future,

we also hope to build a deeper trust between each other!

#You Can Make a difference

YCM Family Day

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YCM keeps expanding oversea operating locations.


At present, we have offices in HCMC, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shang Hai and Dong Guan, China.

Even UK, on the other side of Earth.

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