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Many products are claiming Degermation, Antibacterial, or Sterilization, and what is their difference?

During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, various products show up and then claim themselves have an effective and unique function against microbes such as viruses, bacteria, or molds. Facing all these products, the problem first coming into our head maybe is “Are these products really as good as their advertisement or it just a […]

Can antibiotics cure all diseases? First, find out the origin is bacteria or virus.

Do you know that antibiotics are antibacterial drugs made from molds? Nowadays, with the advance in medical technology. It may hardly imagine that in the era without antibiotics. Many diseases can’t be treated when it happens, sometime just because of bacterial infection in a small wound can kill a person, such as syphilis, pulmonary Tuberculosis, […]

In these days, not only the world need to face the covid-19, but also YCM too. In this case, we still achieved a new goal.

Link:https://www.businessweekly.com.tw/Archive/Article/Index?StrId=7002546 We appreciate for “Business Weekly” report again. In the hard time, YCM do care about the factories’ situations and help them to resolve the problems by the Technological power. Not only does the relationship with customers heat up, but also delivering positive energy, on the other hand, creates 15% of new customers who recognize […]