3 important points to pay attention to when using wooden products. Greed for petty gains outweighs the loss.

When we are working on a project, we often see factories using cheap, one-time-use pallets and laminates. Generally speaking, it is recommended to use plastic pallets and laminates instead.

At once, many people will have a doubt, why should I change a new one if it still useful?

This is because of the hygroscopic feature of the product, which means that it may be mildewed after a period of time due to spilled water on the surface in an accidentally.

As the raw material, insects usually hide in the raw material.

Obtain nutrients to grow, lay eggs, or occasionally entrained eggs during the production process, wait for the time to mature, these eggs will hatch out in the right time. The raw material will be the best place for insects to grow up, that cause holes in the surface of the head!

This is a situation that often occurs in the raw material of laminates that have been left in the factory for a long time, which is why we do not recommend the factory to use it. In my suggest laminates and pallets are made of plastic laminates and pallets that will be good.

Unless the factory environment is particularly dry and ventilated.

The decoration chooses wooden products to create a cozy atmosphere, it sometimes with hidden risks.

Modern residential design often uses textiles to create a warm and cozy feeling, but if inappropriate materials are selected, it may be damaged to

bodies. For example, the colorful cabinet(chipboard). The surface is usually not painted to prevent water.

The water vapor is absorbed in the gap between the heads. Even if the surface is dried, it is still more difficult to dry it completely. Basically, it is still easy to mold!

On the Internet, there are many ways to easily determine whether the furniture and products are dense boards:

The dense board is made of pressed dust, and the side section has a characteristic that is easy to show-you can see the irregular shape. Chipboard are mixed and have different colors.

If the furniture has been used for a long time and there are peeling off happened, dense panels are used for most of it!

In the production process of the dense board, a large amount of glue (including formaldehyde) is used to strengthen the moisture-proof function. Due to the chemical ingredient, people often buy air purifiers to filter the air.

It is recommended to ask the merchant before purchasing, whether the formaldehyde content in it meets the standards set by the country, which is more healthy for your body.

get rid of stereotypes! The air purifier has a high CADR value, which means it can completely purify the air allergens?

Extended reading: Busting the myth! The air purifier has a high CADR value doesn’t mean it can completely purify the allergens in the air?

Is it safe the toys made of wood?’ “this habit” has serious consequences!

In terms of products and toys, in fact, some of the higher unit prices are directly cut from raw materials because of the higher density.

Generally speaking, it is not easy to get moldy in normal use, but if the water is not spilled, or the child is used to put it in the mouth.

If it gets wet with water, even if it is wiped dry, the water will still on the surface, so it is easy to raise the risk of mildew!

If a friend puts it in his mouth after mold, their fragile cavity will come into contact with Candida white (a conditional pathogenic). The mold can be found everywhere, and it also resides in people’s cavities, it may be infected with thrush…We should pay attention to the preservation of toys!

In this way, do you have a better understanding of the characteristics of the production products?

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