How we support your brand

  • Prevention

    Our expertise lies in creating an environment within factories throughout Asia to prevent mold and odor contamination of stock. By investing in our know-how, clients have seen a rise in production, improved relationships with their supply chain, and savings through reduced stock losses.

  • Preservation

    Our team specialise in helping clients to protect and preserve their stock against all potential risks. This has helped many of our customers and their suppliers save money from a reduction in stock losses, write-offs and refunds.

  • Service

    When you choose YCM as a partner, you get access to all our expertise and unique services. With us as your partner, you will be supported and guided through every aspect of product management and preservation.

Experienced in Mold-Prevention Strategies

  • Data

    Using data about mold as a strategic asset can help your brand make better decisions.

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  • Analysis

    Through analysis, we create and deliver a solution based on your exact requirements.

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  • Technology

    Our advanced analytics toolkit includes models and data sets that are tested and proven to work in your specific setting.

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  • Management

    Mold prevention is more than a technical issue. YCM has excellent insight into the management techniques required to ensure its successful implementation.

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YCM Mold Solutions For Brands

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