Factory Mold Audit and MDAP

In 2015, YCM launched the Mold Disappear Action Plan (MDAP), with six clear stages from Assessment through to Certification.

YCM can carry out a full factory mold audit and a solution specific to your premises with ongoing support and training.

MDAP – Mold Disappear Action Plan

The six stages:


YCM MDAP Analysis

Mold audit to find out root cause.


YCM MDAP Assessment

Mold analysis to analyse the mold trait.


YCM MDAP Solution

Mold solution to design workable way for improvement.



YCM MDAP Training

Education to convey mold prevention knowledge.


YCM MDAP Consultation

Consultation to maintain healthy environment.


Certification to endorse factory with 0% mold pollution.

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Next Steps

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About Certification

Every partner works on MDAP project with YCM can expect to become a 0% mold pollution factory.

YCM will do annual audit to check factory’s implementation of all mechanism and factory will be certificated once pass our audit.

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