Do you remember when is the last time you eat vegetarian food?

According to statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), animal husbandry produces nearly one-fifth of the world’s greenhouse gases. Every kilogram of beef produces 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide.
And due to the production of meat, the global warming is becoming more severe. Every year, the emission of carbon dioxide is equivalent to 7.1 billion tons!

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YCM values not only every hard working employee,

but each member’s family!


Through a sincere, simple and warm family day,

all participants can communicate with the company.

Besides deeper understanding of YCM’s prospects in future,

we also hope to build a deeper trust between each other!

#You Can Make a difference

YCM Family Day

YCM's best wishes to Christmas

2018 is almost close to the end and the Christmas is coming. We would like to send you our sincere thanks for your continued trust and cooperation throughout this year.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


In 2018, we’ve been working hard on developing physical mold prevention solutions. Through science and data, we can control factory’s environment more effectively and then control the molding risks.
Only thing we need to do is maintaining this system which is customized to fit your factory’s characteristic.


Moreover, preventing mold with our physical methods can reduce the use of unnecessary chemical products which means we can also reduce cost and be more eco-friendly.


Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in our innovative solutions!

This time, YCM joined Asia International Conference of Leather Science and Technology (AICLST) to get a closer look into leather industry.

Also, we published a thesis about mold prevention for leather during the meeting and had lots of good feedbacks from attendees.

After this meeting, we know that how to use scientific methods to prevent mold and be eco-friendlier are definitely our future.


YCM will never stop though 11th AICLST is end.

YCM will keep using scientific methods to help manufacturers have a thrive and sustainable future.


#You Can Make a difference


Alan's big success

China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) cooperates with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST) on hosting “11th Asia International Conference of Leather Science and Technology (AICLST)” at SUST on the 16th -19th Oct., 2018.


Alan Shih, one of the researchers in YCM Lab, completed a thesis after months of hardworking.

And it’s really an honor that CLIA invited us to share our research result during the conference.

Alan at AICLST

We shared our know-hows about the relationship between mold and leather, and the risk hiding in this industry.

Moreover, we introduced how YCM can help you to run a sustainable leather factory.

Time has gone so fast, and it’s Mid-Autumn festival again.
YCM prepares delicious and delicate moon cake for everyone.

YCM wishes every of our clients and team members
a blissful holiday with all your family.

#You Can Make a difference

Mid_Autumn_Moon cake


Did you join us at the elaborately-prepared show in UK?

Many people came and got the new ideas they wanted.
And also they recognize our sticker’s functionality.
It’s our honor to bring these mold prevention ideas to our guests.

For whom can’t visit us at the stand,
we also prepare some video and highlights for you!
Hope everyone follows YCM may have better understanding about our ideas and services.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch MODA video.

MODA-garrery MODA-garrery MODA-garrery


To improve producing and storage space of each kinds of products and help enterprise reach sustainable developing,
YCM devotes to promoting eco-friendly mold prevention products and improving client’s producing environment.

Though MODA in UK is over, YCM’s attention on environmental protection will never end.
Hope more and more brands come and join us.
And move forward to zero pollution and zero mold!

#You Can Make a difference

Eco-Friendly-Stickers YCM@MODA

“Everyone should have their own goals with clear direction.
So that all members in our organization can move toward the same ultimate goal.”

YCM invited 張敏敏, General Manager of JW Managing Consulting Company, to our company.
We are glad and thankful to have such a chance to learn how to complete our tasks efficiently with implementation course.
And we believe we can make every mission possible in the future!

#You Can Make a difference

Implementation Course for management