Why is YCM dedicated to anti-mold technology? Is it to contribute to the environment? Or for the wellbeing of mankind?

Mold is the most common but mysterious existence in our lives.
What is the role of mold for YCM, having years of experience in studying mold? Mold is the great helper! No matter in production of various delicious foods, tasty wine or even the antibiotics against bacteria, mold plays an important role. However, it can also become a terrible destroyer growing on your food, causing allergy, damaging shoes, clothes and bags. What is even worse is that they can invade our bodies and make us sick.

In order to get rid of mold, have you tried many ways to kill it? Have you ever wondered that there might be a better solution to solve this endless mold problem?

In fact, fighting against mold doesn’t need to use so many chemicals.
As long as you have made a good preparations beforehand, mold won’t be a threat to our lives. The quality of our lives will be greatly improved!

YCM Mold Prevention Techniques Development for Decades

YCM has developed mold prevention techniques which improve the world. Based on physical methods with advanced mold prevention techniques, YCM has provided eco-friendly solutions that reduce chemical usage to many brands and their factories.

Last year, we held nearly 100 online CPR meetings. Helping factories with early preventive measures to preserve their semi-finished products, which were stuck in warehouses due to COVID-19, and to resume work faster. We offer project EA, which provides expert risk analysis of mold without the need of going to our customers’ countries directly in person. We have proved to the world that nothing can stop us from the journey of creating sustainable and better environment.

YCM Ultimate Goal—Creating a Fresh world

YCM has proved to reduce chemical usage scientifically. Our knowledge and studies on mold are advanced. Our laboratory has collected more than 200,000 mold data and we are planning to make a huge database to help more people with better mold prevention and removal solutions.

No matter it is a factory environment optimization plan, consumer’s mold removal service; or the laboratory data; even the ingredients of anti-mold products, we value the importance of human rights, offering sustainable, eco- friendly, natural methods, and select recyclable materials as our priority. In this way, we believe that we are creating better air quality for our environment with the beauty of fresh and natural life style.

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