Mold is everywhere in our life! Three important contributions to civilization.

When it comes to mold, we usually found it from food, bathroom, corner, even clothes.

But in fact, mold is also widely used in medical, food, and scientific development, and it has made great contributions to human life!

Antibiotic saved lots of solders and civilian from second world war.

Antibiotic, the medical bacterial infection drugs is made of Penicillium!

1929 British scientist (Sir Alexander Fleming) occasionally found that Penicillium can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the bacterial culture medium contaminated by mold, so the existence of penicillin was discovered.

Because the feature of Penicillium is easy to cultivate, Penicillium is not only used in   cultivating penicillin but also used in producing enzyme.

Antibiotic, not only inhibit the flu but also change our life that is an important achievement in human fight against disease, even now, antibiotic is still saving lots of people.

Oriental fermented food which combine with mold and technology—-soy sauce!

Soy sauce is one of the most important sauce in Asia. Soy sauce is made from Soybeansblack beanswheat. The microorganisms used for fermentation are generally Aspergillus (scientific name: Aspergillus oryzae). To adjust the fermentation process and quality of the product, multiple strains are often used in combination.

After inoculating koji moldflour or bran with water, putting it in a warm environment for about 3 days, mix it with salt water into the processed raw materials, cultivate and ferment (it takes 10 days to 180 days). It is decomposed into amino acids to produce umami taste and become mature sauce gum. The liquid obtained by pressing is filtered, clarified and sterilized to become soy sauce.

Not only used in soy sauce but also MisoSweet bean sauce.

Even the process to make plenty kind of alcohol need it.

There are lots of cases that plenty kinds of mold have been used on processing food.

For example, the process when you make blue cheese have to put Penicilliumfermented-tofured rice wine(made from Monascus), all of these are need mold to put in the processing.

Decompose everything that is a greatest contribution for world!

Most molds are saprophytic organisms, and bacteria and yeasts these molds are the role of decomposers in the natural environment.

These molds couldn’t do photosynthesis so that can’t receive the energy by themselves, the only way to receive energy that is decomposing the residues of dead body and plants, organic matter (such as feces) obtains nutrients, and is transformed into inorganic matter to return to the ecosystem cycle, which is reused by producers such as plants, and reappears at the grassroots level of the food chain as organic matter.

If there is no decomposer, it will shut down the  circulatory system, in other words it will be the end of the world.

We couldn’t live without microorganism.

Civilization of human can continue because of the mold!


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