Precise Service

Using a wealth of professional knowledge and experience, we can bring customers the idea that prevention is better than cure, reduce the risk of mold, and at the same time reduce the waste of production energy, and create a sustainable production environment.


Spread of Ideas

Pass the correct mold and anti-mold knowledge to customers and users, so that products and articles can be used for a longer time through the concept of anti-mold.


Sustainable Development

With the highest goal of becoming a top-notch anti-mold company, we will be more specialized in mold development, set up a microbiological research laboratory, build a mold museum, establish a mold database, and produce mold illustrations.


The era of Epidemic

In the first time of the epidemic, we will use microbiology to quantify the production of antibacterial products, provide customers with free of charge for preliminary health protection, and start the research and manufacture of other epidemic prevention products.


Education Training

Achieve an inclusive and sustainable working environment, provide the company’s professionalism and integrity to all employees, increase job opportunities year by year, work continuously at the same time, and everyone can have a stable job.


Health and well-being

The highest welfare that can be provided by the company, regardless of the level of age, nationality, can enjoy all the welfare, and achieve gender equality, female executives up to 80%.


Diversified Recruitment

Through different channels (campus competitions, company exhibitions, special speeches), let all kinds of talents know the company and choose us to become our partners.


Green Vegetarian Day

Actively promote every Monday vegetarian day within the company to respond to carbon-reduction vegetarian food


Charitable activities

Provide free antibacterial products to the general public in need, and provide antibacterial and antifungal products for public welfare infrastructures and activities.


Connect with the world

Any method that can convey our expertise or provide help, we will continue to try and output, and we know that we can do more!


ECO products

The starting point of our products is to help customers preserve them perfectly, while also reducing the waste of earth resources.

YCM produces environmentally friendly products.

We consider the environment at all stages when designing and creating our products to reduce waste and depletion of the earth’s resources.