Organic and environmentally friendly cat litter is also a key factor which causes disease to furkid when they ingest.

In order to avoid package bursting during transportation,

the organic and environmentally friendly cat litter

will be packed by a outer layer with vents that havea diameter of less than 1mm

The humidity in the air may enter through the holes.

Some users shared on the Internet that they got moldy cat litter after purchase.

Because it is made of organic and environmentally friendly material, the price is relatively higher.

If consumers receive moldy cat litter, and it’s no longer usable and must be discarded,

the consumers must be in a bad mood!

Cat litter is actually similar to food. Just digging out the moldy part is useless.

Because the mold spores can be everywhere inside the package.

Q: It’s just like cat’s toilet, even if the litter is moldy, we can still let our cats use it, can’t we?



The answer is no, of course! Because cats are clean animals,

they lick thier fur often and they may ingest the moldy litter accidentally.

The moldy cat litter contents high concentration of mold which may produce toxins and gas.

If cats assimilate these toxins, it will directly do harm to cats and affect their health.


After YCM’s test,

organic cat litter will get moldy in a week if it is stored at a humid and poor storage environment.

This year, people pay more attention to environmental issues, and many companies choose to use environmentally friendly and organic materials to make their products.

This kind of organic products are easily entangled in microorganisms, mold and deterioration in high temperature and high humidity environment.

The high temperature and high humidity environment is accompanied by the risk of getting moldy, which in turn reduces the preservation of the product.


Especially this kind of litter’s major materials are soybeans, which is a source of nutrients for molds.

For the cat’s health and your consumers rights, we should pay more attention to the preservation.


Want to know which pet products may affect the health of furkid? Contact YCM and we will answer you!


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