Even metal also get mold? Don’t worry, YCM can hlelp!

YCM recently is dealing with a special case of moldy auto parts
Are you surprised that metal can also get moldy?
This is actually because before the parts leave the factory, a layer of oil is applied on the surface to avoid oxidation.
This wil become nutrient source which eventually causes the problems!

Whether textiles, wood, metal… or any other materials
When the three basic growing conditions reach mold’s favor, mold may start to grow

1. Humidity above 60%
2. Temperature between 25~35℃
3. With enough nutrients: carbon, nitrogen

Regardless of the differenc mold species prefer different humidity and temperature,
mold is very small, even only a little nutrient,
it may also cause the explosive growth of mold

For example:
Airborne particel contains rich nutrients for mold.
When the metal is covered with dust for a long time, the environment is not clean, or some other nutrients is attached on it… etc.
one of the conditions for growth-nutrient is reached.
As long as the ambient temperature and humidity are suitable,
mold spores can easily land and grow on the metal.
And you can see mold on it.

YCM Microbiology Laboratory personnel find out the cause through the data.
With practical evaluation and solutions to fix problems,
we can let customers no longer have to worry about this issue,
and become a strong supporter for you and your products.


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