Make good use of natural ventilation via technology to make your working environment more comfortable!

When the ventilation system of the building is poor, can we solve the problem by simply increasing the usage of fan?

Considering the fitness of the ventilation system is necessary at the very beginning of construction. However, as the time goes by, changes the external environmental conditions changes, aging of equipment, and the changes in user’s needs (such as noise, new compartments) may cause the customized ventilation system no longer suitable for the building.

After YCM planned the overall ventilation system, the efficiency can be improved by at least 50%!

According to the experience, we know that sometimes simply replacing fans can’t solve problem. It is also necessary to comprehensively assess the environment, personnel’s using habits and needs to successfully complete the task.

Therefore, our team not only visited the objective in person to collect data, but conduct computer simulation, interior discussions, and even actual tests to improve the feasibility of the program!


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